The iPlantForest group is made up of the following companies:

Autonomous Agro Machines S/A: industry of autonomous and intelligent agricultural machines for the agriculture and forestry sector.

Mahogany Roraima (MTGG S/A): planting technologies, management systems for nurseries and forests, cutting and sale of wood.

Florestas Roraima S/A: recovery of degraded areas and reforestation.

A.I.quimist Corp. (US): intelligent systems to combat deforestation, fires and protection and surveillance of the group’s biological heritage, and intelligent systems (A.I) for general use.

iPlantForest Fund: investment fund focused on sustainable reforestation on a global scale. Company under construction. To be constituted.

iPlantForest Company (US): company that promotes reforestation and sustainable wood production that will have management and planning control over all companies in the group. It will be the Holding that will control all other companies. Company to be incorporated abroad.

ReforestCoin: initiative that will create a cryptocurrency to finance reforestation and preservation projects around the world.