From the recovery of degraded areas (legal reserve and permanent preservation areas), the generation of sustainable wealth resulting from planting forests, to the creation of a viable solution to prevent illegal deforestation in the future, our company has created a simple, fast and low cost solution to combat the gases that cause the greenhouse effect throughout the process. What would take thousands of years, that is, centuries, could be accomplished in 15 years thanks to our invention.

We are an agTech, a technology company that created a solution using software and hardware (computer programs, artificial intelligence, big data and mechanical parts) to plant forests worldwide, simply and quickly, and that can involve people who live far from these forests.

Always thinking about solutions and not problems, we use our 38 years working in the technology area to create methods and machines that allow us to plant forests faster than any companies in the world. Our solutions are global and scalable. They are inclusive, because everyone can participate in this great enterprise, which is to plant trees on an industrial scale to save the world.

We have a deep respect for fauna and flora, so we do not plant monocultures, but forests, which mix native and exotic trees in appropriate proportions, bringing a solution that at the same time generates wealth, helps the environment, includes those with environmental liabilities and they cannot take a bank loan to continue producing, and it solves the problem of illegal deforestation in the future.