The new iPlantForest brand represents the Group's new moment


The new iPlantForest brand represents the Group’s new moment, meeting the need to unite all people in support of the cause of forest planting, both afforestation and reforestation worldwide. It is innovative, inclusive, sustainable, modern and Global. And it makes it clear that we can all act actively in the cause of forestation.


The brand makes it clear that: I can and do plant forests! The brand symbolizes, in its straight lines, a company committed to the global cause, responsible, efficient, modern, creative and innovative. And in its organic curves, a company that is concerned with the future of humanity, that respects our environment, and that has found a solution to the biggest climate problem in the history of Human Beings, the greenhouse effect. Straight and organic lines.


Our colors are natural and organic. They reflect the deep concern and respect for nature, fauna and flora. The unrestricted focus on technological solutions that support efficient, fast, and low-cost solutions. The colors match everything that refers to the environment, forests and life.